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Two new colour variants of the DualSense controller are reportedly in the offing

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While the white look of the PS5 console itself is elegant and somewhat regal, white controllers are usually never a good idea. They show all the dirt and grime that accumulates after extended use but if rumours are to be believed, those of you with sweaty palms can relax a little. According to Spanish website AreaJugones, Sony will soon release colour variants of the DualSense controller that incorporate a more grey and red tone respectively. Bear in mind these are just rumours but AreaJugones has correctly leaked a PlayStation Plus selection in the past so there’s some credibility here.


According to an “internal contact” at Sony, the upcoming variants will be red and black and black and grey in colour but even more interestingly, they’ll be made available “very soon”. Which is vague enough to not get your hopes up but also interesting enough to get you excited. Well played, rumour mill. It makes sense that Sony would want to increase the variety in DualSense controllers, not that there are many games out there that offer couch-cop on the PS5 or anything, but I’m sure more than a few people would be keen on keeping that white controller with all the muck in the edging for special occasions only.


The DualSense controller is a genuinely astonishing little piece of tech. Back in his review for the PlayStation 5, Darryn wrote, “The dazzling white controller doesn’t just look fantastic, it feels absolutely brilliant as well thanks to bleeding edge technology that rewrites the rulebook on haptic feedback. Rumbling vibrations have been a part of gaming for decades now, but the DualSense combines more motors with sophisticated targeting throughout the controller that provide a subtle buzz or a jarring wake-up call for your hands depending on the scenario”

Last Updated: May 10, 2021

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