Are Valve stealing PS3 developers? Yes… and No (Plus a bonus free comic strip)

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There was some big news doing the rounds this weekend about Valve poaching some PS3 developers from Naughty Dog.

Valve are an enigma in the gaming industry at the moment as they are an independent developer which is massively popular and could make a ton of money by porting some of it’s main titles onto the PS3 and yet they don’t appear to want to.

So when news broke that they had poached 3 PS3 developers from one of the leading PS3 development houses, Naughty Dog, it got the Internet message boards into quite a flutter with news of an impending Left 4 Dead on the PS3.

However the world may have jumped the gun on this one as it is true that Valve has hired 3 developers from Naughty Dog but it is also true that they did this 3 years ago.

Source: Kotaku

In unrelated news check out this comic strip from

Gabe Newell Cake

Last Updated: March 15, 2010

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