[UPDATE] Are we in for some more NFS: Hot Pursuit DLC?

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Xbox360Achievements has updated their list of NFS: Hot Pursuit achievements with a new section entitled “DLC: Porsche vs Lamborghini Pack”. There is no official word from Criterion or EA regarding the DLC, but the list of achievements looks legitimate.

The pack, if true, would add three Porsches and three Lamborghinis to the already impressive line-up of cars found in NFS: Hot Pursuit. The first DLC pack hit in December last year, but that only added three types of cars (six if you include their cop equivalents). The second dose of DLC looks to increase that.

Judging by the list of achievements, which you can see here, we can expect to find the Porsche 959, Porsche 911 Turbo and Porsche 911 Speedster tearing up the roads of Seacrest County. The Lamborghinis being added include the Countach, Diablo and the Sesto Elemento.

No release date, official word or price as yet, but it’s likely that this DLC pack will be confirmed in the next few days.

Source: Xbox360Achievents [via Joystiq]

UPDATE: As Ruslan has pointed out in the comments bellow, this has now been confirmed but not as nicely as we’d all hoped. There will be three DLC packs arriving over the next month. On 22 February we’ll get the Armed and Dangerous pack which will add two new game modes to, presumably, the multiplayer side of things: Most Wanted sees cops trying to bust a specific racer on an open-world map; and Arms Race, which sees racers go head-to-head in a race with all the power-up weapons. Three new achievements and trophies will be added.

On  the 1st of March we get the Lamborghini Untamed pack, which adds the aforementioned Lamborghinis and cop equivalents, as well as ten events and three new achievements and trophies.

Finally on 8th March the Porsche Unleashed DLC arrives with the above Porsches and their cop equivalents, as well as ten events and three achievements and trophies.

And now the bad news: all of them will cost 560 MS points each. To sugar-coat that, here’s an official trailer!

Last Updated: February 17, 2011

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