Are we ready to begin Deus Ex: The Fall?

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I didn't ask for this meme

I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but is was brilliant in its way. I’ve been wanting a sequel ever since I beat that game, and according to rumblings from the untamed frontier of the web, it looks like that sequel is going to be making an appearance at E3 next week.

Developer Eidos Montreal first teased the game yesterday, with the following tweet:

And then, in a shocking display of adding nothing else really, along with a pinch of viral marketing that I just fell for dammit, they released the following seconds-long teaser video:

What is Deus Ex: The Fall? Does Adam Jensen need his legs replaced? Does the game take place in Autumn? Dammit, I want answers!

Last Updated: June 4, 2013

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