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Are you excited for Sunset Overdrive?

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So Sunset Overdrive, anyone excited? Anyone remember what it is or what platform it is coming to? Don’t feel bad if the answer is no as we’ve heard absolutely nothing about it since that announcement trailer way back at E3 last year.

As a quick reminder, here’s that trailer again.

So yes the massive open world, multiplayer, parkour shooter that is chock-full of insanity. I remember being very interested in the game back then but then everything went quiet and I completely forgot about it.

That is until the marketing machine behind the game started up a few hours ago with a brand new twitter account for their mascot, Fizziel, who has been tweeting at members of the gaming press and industry for a couple of hours now.

He has also advertised their brand new site which lets us know that Sunset Overdrive is going to be at the following conferences in the next few months.

  • E3 – 9th of June
  • San Diego Comic Con – 24th July
  • Gamescom – 13th August
  • Seattle PAX – 30th August

The game’s plot, as far as I can make out, is that a new energy drink called OverCharge from Fizzco is released and is turning people into monsters in the world. You and a scattering of other survivors are going to need to clean up this town using your parkour skills and some very entertaining weaponry.

The game is going to be steeped in humour as can be seen by some of the key places you can visit including.

Japanese Heritage Museum

Want to delve into a lively and fascinating culture? Want to appear more sophisticated on your next date? Want to make penance for the joke that didn’t seem racist at the time, but in retrospect was pretty racist? Then get trapped in the Japanese Heritage Museum! Entrance is free, but Cherry Blossom selfies are $5 apiece.

Sunset City Park and Play Area

Virtual reality may be the primary babysitter for kids these days, but why not take them to the lovely Sunset City Park & Play Area? Let them experience real grass, real air, and real pain from falling off of metal contraptions. There’s only 5 billion more years till the sun expands into a Red Giant, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Wondertown Land

WonderTown Land puts the “mint” in “Amusement Park.” Enjoy cutting-edge rides, fairly-priced Farmer Fong Dogs, and fairly-rigged carnival games! Few joys match up to being strapped into a metal car by a minimum wage-earning teen and sent speeding down a tower made of wood. Vomiting is optional, but encouraged.

Nothing much else has been said about this Xbox One exclusive but seeing that they are going to be at E3 with us and that Darryn needs some mind-altering drinks we’ll definitely keep you up to date with this interesting title.

Last Updated: May 6, 2014

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