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Arkham Knight on PC patched to improve VRAM usage

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While Warner Bros and Rocksteady have given up on fixing SLI support for the PC version of Arkham Knight, they haven’t given up hope of the game otherwise working properly. In fact, there’s a brand new patch out for the game that fixes a few niggling VRAM issues, while also paving the way for DLC.

As Darryn keeps telling me, this whole PC version situation is really lamentable, because it is otherwise the closest thing to a perfect Batman game, refining the Arkham formula perfectly.

Broken PC version or not, I just have zero interest in the game. As far as my old and grumpy face is concerned, the series peaked with the very first game, and became a bit of an unfocused mess after that. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better – and I feel that the Arkham games became too padded, with too much superfluous junk.

My own whining aside, here’s what the patch fixes:

  • Fixed a hitch during some game saves
  • Fixed a Windows 10 issue causing the game to be unresponsive on launch when the keyboard language was set to Japanese, Japanese Microsoft IME, Korean, Chinese (Traditional) or Chinese (Simplified)
  • Fixed minor delay when aiming a gadget when playing with a keyboard and mouse
  • Fixed a bug causing full screen movies to play at half the monitor’s refresh rate on some systems
  • Fixed players sometimes not being able to counter the Mini-Gun Brute after being spotted when playing as Nightwing or Batman
  • Fixed a performance drop that occurred when encountering Man-Bat for the first time
  • Fixed some Multi-Monitor specific bugs
  • Some improvements to mouse and keyboard bindings
  • Improved VRAM management to reduce framerate hitches
  • Stability improvements for rare crash issues
  • Fixed an issue causing certain types of lights & shadows to render incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue causing the game process to occasionally remain running in the background for a period of time
  • Fixed the Knightfall Protocol not being able to activate under certain conditions
  • Fixed a progression blocker that could occur in Stagg Airships when leaving the predator room after only knocking out one of the guards
  • Fixed damage states for Batman’s V8.03 skin in Story Mode after selecting an alternate skin for AR Challenges
  • Fixed missing rain effects on several Batman skins (fix for 1970s and Arkham Origins skins coming soon)
  • Added support for new DLC releasing on November 24th
  • Play as other characters in AR predator challenges

Last Updated: November 25, 2015

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