Arkham Knight shatters Witcher 3’s First Week Sales Records

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Batman: Arkham Knight is still busy enduring the rocky launch it kicked off nearly a week ago, with PC players worldwide still struggling with countless issues thanks to a shoddy port job. It’s a real disappointment too, considering the game is actually quite stellar. Rocksteady’s swan song to the series accurately conveyed this in the massive marketing hype leading to release, and it’s showing strong in the first week of sales.


In fact, Arkham Knight has become the best selling week one title of 2015 in the UK, trumping The Witcher 3 with a relative amount of ease. According to UK sales monitor Chart-Track, Arkham Knight has become the fourth Warner Bros. title in the first half of 2015 to claim the No. 1 sales spot – a feat last achieved by EA in 2012.

The sales figures claim that nearly two-thirds of sales were for the PS4 version of the game – and it’s unclear how many of these are due to the rolling refunds that the game endured following the widely publicised PC woes. What the figures do not reflect, however, are digital sales of any kind. And considering the age we live in, that’s a pretty massive omission.

Still, all sales figures in the past have been tallied up in this manner, so it’s still an accurate way of comparing big budget AAA launches for the year. Warner Bros. has been kicking ass in this regard, with Dying Light, Mortal Kombat X and LEGO Jurassic Park all managing to claim top spots in UK sales charts this year already. And there’s still more to come, with the imminent launch of Mad Max looking like one of the strongest this year for the publisher.

Are you roaming the rain-soaked streets of Gotham too? Or have some of the launch issues scared you off the game for the time being? I’m quite enjoying myself in the caped crusader’s final Arkham adventure, but I do wish The Riddler hadn’t become such a big Death Race fanatic.

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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