Army Of Two Being Delayed Because It Sucks?

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This was one of my most anticipated games earlier this year but now after reading some comments from the writers of the Xbox World Magazine it seems like this could well be a terrible failure…

As it stands, Army of Two is a juvenile swear-fest with clumsy controls, a story apparently penned by a seven year old who hates them ay-rabs, laughable level design that tosses you into a cut-scene every thirty seconds, sub Perfect Dark Zero graphics and the two least likable characters in gaming history. We’d rather play as a Bubsy the Bobcat/Raiden from Metal Gear Solid tag-team than these two douchebags. The delay is a stay of execution. It has four months to get even vaguely good. Hope for a miracle.

So the best it can hope right now is that Kane & Lynch steal the least likeable character award instead…

What a pity, hopefully though someone noticed the hype that built up around this game purely due to it’s co-op nature and will try again now.

Army Of Two: Army Of Two Delayed Because It’s, Well, Rubbish?

Last Updated: December 7, 2007

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