As expected, PS4 SharePlay is useless in South Africa

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SharePlay is the biggest feature to come out of Sony’s new Masamune update. It allows gamers to effectively share their games with the friends, handing them the reigns to their consoles for hour long periods. It’s like a virtual couch, even allowing games that don’t have online multiplayer be played over the internet. It’s amazing stuff, really. And it’s also completely useless to most of us in South Africa.

Yes, unfortunately for most of us here, who rely on our Asymmetrical DSL lines for internet connectivity, the feature is 100% pointless. Thanks to our maximum 1Mb/s uploads, SharePlay doesn’t work at all. I have a 10mb ADSL connection, which suffices for most things, and tried to initiate a few SharePlay games with Darryn, who’s stuck on his little peasant 2Mb line  – but to no avail.  Whether he or I initiated the SharePlay Session, the result was the same: Nothing. Wired connections and wireless ones both with the same result.


Those of you running faster-than-light LTE connections or whatever other unicorn-powered internet with sufficient upload speeds might get better mileage out of the much-heralded feature – but for the majority of us in South Africa, you may as well forget that the feature even exists. Of course, this really should come as no surprise to anybody who’s tried broadcasting gameplay here, whether via Twitch, YouTube  or any other similar service: Our upload speeds just aren’t up to the task.

Have you tried SharePlay, and had any more success than us?

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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