Ashes 2009 Coming to South Africa

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So if you have been watching the Ashes currently underway in London you would have seen Australia taking a hammering yesterday and slumping to a miserable loss.

The only thing that was missing was us doing the hammering instead of the poms but you can’t have everything… or can you?

I received an email this morning from Nu Metro Interactive announcing that the new Cricket title from Codemasters, Ashes 2009, will be landing in a store near you on the 7th of August.

There has been no announcement on the price yet but for starved cricket fans I don’t think that is going to be a major consideration.

I have embedded a trailer video below and I have to say it’s not looking so great. But then again I don’t think Codemasters have pumped that much money into this first foray into Cricket games and if we want the genre to stick around I think we need to give it a fair shot.

The gameplay is always going to be more important than the graphics and if that pulls through I will be a happy man.

Oh and seriously, how hard would it have been to get the game released in time for the start of the Ashes? That must have cost Codemasters a bundle.

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Double Oh, how stupidly small is that trophy they are playing for, I know the history of it but it still looks idiotic everytime I see them holding it.

Last Updated: July 21, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • easy

    it looks pants!! there’s no fluidity what-so-ever.
    i love my cricket games, but there is no ways i would spend money on this…

    i like the petite trophy… it has an austere quality

  • Darkling

    This better not suck. I NEED a cricket game on my xbox!
    I don’t mind about the graphics. As long as the gameplay is good and fun then i’m happy! :silly:
    Prototype is a good example that you don’t need stunning graphics.

  • Fox1

    We need a T20 game :whistle:

  • Banana Hammock

    This has T20 in it, the animations and graphics are really bad but i’ve pre-ordered it already anyway. I’m a bit of a cricket nut.

  • Darthpenguin

    We still bring out the original xbox and Brial Lara 06 at least once a month and spend an entire evening (and most of the next morning) playing 2v2. But this game looks pathetic.. I think i would rather just keep bringing out the old Brian Lara than get this.

  • Brett

    I’ve read a few (p)reviews over at planet cricket, and they were mostly positive. I wonder if there’s gonna be a demo available on live…

  • Paradox

    There is no way I would buy a game and be forced to play with Australia and England. Loose loose Situation !

  • Darkling

    Dude,there will be other teams. Australia and the poms are the only teams that are licenced.. :wassat:

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