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Ashes Cricket 2013 officially awful, Don Bradman Cricket ‘14 unofficially awesome

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It’s been a long while since we’ve had a good cricket game, Ashes Cricket 2013 does nothing to change that. It was released quietly on steam about a week ago to a slew of complaints concerning game breaking bugs and just being a generally awful game. As of today the game was pulled from steam, which is no surprise given the abysmal quality. This gameplay video says it all. I doubt they even playtested the damn thing.

The video is from a user review of Ashes Cricket 2013 from www.planetcricket.net which complains of dodgy animations and physics, broken sound, repetitive commentary and over simplified and buggy gameplay. It’s proof that official licensing does not a good game make. Even at its $20 dollar USD price point, it’s an absolute waste of what could’ve been at least a decent game.

In light of this recently tragedy, the upcoming Don Bradman Cricket ‘14, which we’ve covered before on Lazygamer, is shaping up to be much better, despite the lack of official licensing. If the pre-release gameplay videos floating around the net are anything to go by, it seems way more polished and actually given the time of day by Big Ant Studios.

Ashes 2013 is a crushing disappointment. To be pulled from Steam after only four days should be a reminder to everyone that official licencing may only bring you a lazily put together pile of trash wrapped in Unity engine. We can only hope that Bradman Cricket ‘14 is all it’s cracked up to be. Unofficial reports say that the release date will be announced at the end of November.     

Last Updated: November 27, 2013

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