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Assassin’s Creed 3 will ship on 2 discs

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I glazed over this headline earlier when I read it but then I had a few moments spare so I went back to see if there was a story at all… and oddly there is something weird going on here.

The main gist is that Assassin’s Creed 3 will ship on 2 discs for the Xbox 360 while only needing 1 disc for the PS3. This is obviously because the PS3 ships on Blu-Ray which has a vastly superior storage capacity than DVD but no one really cares do they?

The weird part comes in when the creative director, Alex Hutchison, was asked about it and while pointing out that the space issue is mainly taken up by sound and video’s he also mentioned that Xbox 360 users won’t be swopping out all the time.

Don’t worry, there’s not going to be like, disc-swapping if you get to the end of chapter 3 and having to swap over – that’s not going to happen. We’ve separated it," added animation director Jonathan Cooper

When asked if this means you will only need to change once Cooper responded

No, it’s not even that. We won’t talk about how it’s done… but don’t worry about it, you won’t be jumping back and forth.

Which makes no sense to me at all, why hide how a disc swap is going to happen?

There really are only 3 options that I can think of

  1. You swap after a certain period in the game
  2. Disc 2 only contains multiplayer
  3. Disc 2 is going to need to be installed

Only option 3 fills me with dread while the other two make no difference in my life.

So what do you think, have they come up with a fantastic new way to swap discs or are they just keeping the most bizarre thing secret.. also does anyone actually care about needing to swap discs?

Last Updated: October 3, 2012

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