Assassin’s Creed Anthology coming

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Maybe you’ve been slow to get in to Assassin’s Creed’s look at past, present and future conspiracies. There’s no better time to jump in, then, as Ubisoft will be releasing an anthology of all the games in the series – including all of their DLC.

According to Amazon France (via Eurogamer), Ubisoft will be bundling all of the currently released main Assassin’s creed games together in one shiny, steelbook bound collection. The best thing about it is that, unlike the Mass Effect Trilogy, it’ll come with every bit of DLC for all of the games included. That’s how it should be done, EA.

If it’s reasonably priced, I reckon this would be a pretty damned worthwhile collection. Ubisoft’s confirmed it to be a real thing, with more details pending.

Here’s the image from Amazon’s listing.


Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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