Assassin's Creed loved, hated and not delayed

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So the reviews for Assassin’s Creed had been all over the place, Gamespot has released their review today and I am happy to report that they have given it a 9/10.

I generally seem to agree with the Gamespot reviews so this really does make me feel better about picking up a copy.

IGN however have been slammed for changing their review and being caught out. They originally said the PS3 version was badly affected by slowdowns only to remove that section without realising Destructoid had reported on it already.

Now we have rumours that it has been delayed in South Africa for the Xbox 360. I have spoken to Megarom and they have officially stated that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are already in stock at certain retailers and the other retailers will be receiving their stock today.

There is no delay from the importing and distribution side and if your local retailer does not have a copy then it is sold out or they didn’t order it.

However the Special Edition version has been delayed for two weeks due to a manufacturing problem at the factory, so if you were planning on picking that up you will need to wait or change your order to the standard version.

Also don’t forget that today is the last day to enter the Assassin’s Creed competition… Don’t regret it when you don’t win tomorrow.. You gotta be in it to win it 😀

[Thanks to J4NR1K for the tips]

Last Updated: November 15, 2007

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