Assassin’s Creed Unity revolutionises on new generation consoles

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“With the power of next generation processing” seems to be the mantra of a bunch of games releasing at the end of this year. Assassin’s Creed Unity is promising to use that extra power in all aspects of the game; from environmental design to seamless co-op, Ubisoft keeps raving that this is the Assassin’s Creed game that we’ve been waiting for. Now a new trailer wraps it all up quite neatly.

Here is the Assassin’s Creed Unity 101 trailer:

The video shows off five main elements:

  • The detailed environments include near 1:1 scale and up to 5k NPCs on the screen at once, as well as dynamic lighting.
  • Each assassin will be different. Players can customize Arno with unique clothing, weapons and skills, all of which carry over to co-op
  • Use each unique assassin to balance out your team in co-op – share skills to help your comrades with eagle vision or ammo while taking on story-based Brotherhood missions.
  • Encounter historical figures from the period, made even more realistic thanks to improved character design and motion capture.
  • Thanks to a time anomaly feature, you can even explore Paris in other time periods, such as Nazi occupied 1944. Climb the Eiffel Tower and fire machine guns.

Most of this is stuff we’ve heard before, although it’s nice to hear a bit more about the time anomaly. This could be a game seller for me – Assassin’s Creed games are always fun, but the more modern stuff is often lacking. This way, we can explore various version of Paris, without necessarily needing the entire game to be set in WWII France. It adds some new environmental options, without breaking the core of the game.

Now that everything that makes Assassin’s Creed Unity distinctly next generation is laid out, are you impressed? Is this what you’ve been hoping for from the stronger processing power, or will you have to wait and see?

Last Updated: November 6, 2014

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