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Assassins Creed Valhalla…We’re Off to Pillage Paris Soon!

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Woohoo!!! Load up the cat, the bard…errr… no, no, no, the one that doesn’t know “row, row, row your boat”…enough ale to kill a few small horses, my puke bucket, my fluffy wolf skin onesie and wristy blade thingy!!! We’re off to Francia!!!

Assassins Creed Valhalla’s second expansion, “The Siege of Paris”, is landing on our shores, or rather, we are landing on their shores on 12 August to pillage a village or two, and well, have a go at sacking Paris.

The Siege of Paris will send Eivor on a new quest series in Francia, the largest of the post-Roman barbarian kingdoms in Europe, in search of fame and fortune and maybe some escargot (awkies). The expansion will feature new weapons, gear, abilities and skills. Also returning are Infiltration Missions, which will have players determine exactly how to commit murder most foul on their assigned targets.

A new soundtrack will also be available, leading off with “Hásæti”, Seat of Honour. Take a listen:

The soundtracks for this game are hauntingly beautiful.

But…as with all things, you can’t go unprepared, so the Sigrblot Season will kick off ahead of your trip to France on 29 July. It’s the traditional celebration of summer and the start of the pillage a village season and will feature new activities that includes flyting, barney tournaments, new dice games, three new quests, new settlement decorations, customization items and new weapons. Including a new sword, Skrognung, which can be purchased with Sigrblot tokens until the festival ends on 19 August.

To get in to the Sigrblot festival, you will need to reach England and have completed either the Grantebridgeshire or Ledecestreshire story arcs and have your settlement up to level 2.

I haven’t finished dealing with the Druids in Ireland yet, and the upgrade to the PS5 version has for some reason wiped my game save, so I will have to start over. A mammoth task, and thinking of having to kill those damn witches again, makes me want to throw the bard overboard if he starts anything that rhymes with “row” again.

If you want to lay siege to Paris, you will need to own the Season Pass or it will cost you $25 of your hard earned smackaroos. I don’t have the Rand pricing yet. The Season Pass is currently on special, I hear, so go have a look.

Last Updated: July 27, 2021

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  1. KzA

    July 29, 2021 at 10:18

    I only bought this about a month ago and have been jolling it since (all weekends long and 4hrs per weekday at night after work). I dig it lank man, the scenery and the stories are awesome. The fighting is also cool, but I must say Ghost of Tsushima did it better. Nonetheless, my stoned ass loved cruising through Lunden to check out everything and I cannot wait to sack Paris ! Awesome !


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