Assassin's Creed Video Comparison

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Assassin’s Creed has been out for all of 9 hours in South Africa and we already have a video comparison to look at… Granted it wasn’t made by a South African but you get the point 😉

Anyway it contains some spoilers for those who have not played the game, but if you don’t care or have already played then take a look.

I think it is blatantly obvious which console has the better looking game…

Last Updated: November 16, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Can we blame the developers again? It’s starting to look like the PS3 has a permanent defect where the colours looks washed out and blurry. The Xbox360 def looks better.

  • But GameRankings has the PS3 version higher rated than the 360…


  • When the hell are people stop going to be biased to one console, I mean it absolutely sucks.

  • baba

    XennoX, I agree. I play games because I love games, whether it be on a PS3, 360, PS2, hell even a cellphone!

    But when it comes to F1, I’m a Ferrari fan – I guess lots of people feel the same about consoles.

  • Bob

    “It’s starting to look like the PS3 has a permanent defect where the colours looks washed out and blurry.”

    Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted say hello – two games that have more colours than grey or brown.

    I don’t trust these videos, especially when others I’ve seen paint the PS3 version in a more favourable light – you don’t know what gamme settings were used, for one thing. Very often in-game or TV brightness settings take care of the supposed difference.

  • Bob

    Also, the differences are so minor in most cases that it’s only sad trainspotters who can sit with their magnifying glasses looking for a blurred texture somewhere so they can claim their console has the better version.

    I don’t know, maybe every time you score a point for your console of choice your penis grows by a millimeter or something.

  • scotty777

    wow thats sad! I mean. would the developers really make the ps3 version more dull? or would they rather make each console as good as it can be?
    By not having colours that are the same clearly shows someone has stuffed around with those video’s

  • doobiwan

    In fairness to the reviews the video output on the two devices may not be identical it terms of things like colour hotness, but in all honesty this sort of thing goes beyond nitpicking to just ‘dof’.

    Both look fantastic, both make you go wow. There are no AA, framerate or texture issues that are noticeable enough affect the game in any way.

    We call it even and be done with it.

  • Ye, even. Computer And Video Games said PS3’s graphics were slightly sharper and the 360 had a framerate advantage of about 2 frames per second.

    So ye… even stevens.

  • Ruslan

    I think regardless of format the game is what matters. 🙂

  • Moo_cow

    The horse section seemed to lag on the ps3….

  • scotty777

    same crap different day… sigh… yes the xbox will have better frame rates coz it isn’t as sharp…

    basically the xbox’ers are all trying to sink an empty coke (sealed of coarse) bottle with poles… problem is the bottle keeps popping up…
    sad thing is they might just sink it… as there’s more poles joining in…

    lets just wait and see… rather let the consoles themselves fight the war and not the fan boys…

    oh have you seen the screen shots for the ps3 and xbox… VERY VERY VERY VERY different! the ps3 actually looks a bit better and the colours are the same…

    just goes to show that you can’t trust reputable websites any more… how much is microsoft paying them hey???

  • doobiwan

    Scotty, you have to go and spoil a good thing don’t you? We’re all trying to be fair, nice and make peace and you come back like a drunk pig in a bottle store.

    Now you make me have to bring up the fact that at least the 360 version, doesn’t crash, glitch or hang the whole friggin console.

    You have an HD video clip in front of you and you want to make reference to still screenshots for an animated game. Get off it you noob :p

  • angus

    what’s wrong with you people?

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