At least 12 world premieres at The Game Awards 2014

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The game awards

Geoff Keighley is going all out for his all new Game Awards show. We haven’t heard anything about Spike still running their VGAs (or VGX, or whatever it’s called), so Keighley’s show might just be the only major gaming TV event for the end of the year, and it’s going to be big.

Keighley took to twitch to give more info on the show, as reported by DualShockers. He plans to continue the tradition of previous awards shows and show off some world premieres, including something that might surpass expectations:

I reviewed something today which is kind of a out of the left field announcement, which I wasn’t sure of how big it was gonna be, but i saw the assets and I’m like “wow, people are gonna go crazy for this.

It’s unclear from whom the announcement will come, but he’s confirmed that the’s working with Sony and Microsoft for PlayStation and Xbox-related content. While he said that there will be over a dozen world premieres, not all of them will be major breaking announcements – some will be cool first looks at games we haven’t seen before, while others will be “really meaningful updates” about games coming next year. Presumably the Metal Gear Online debut we’ve been promised will be among those meaningful updates.

The awards are taking place this Friday and will be viewable from all your usual gaming platforms. It is shaping up to be quite an impressive event and I’m definitely excited to watch it. What are you hoping to see premiered, or are you too busy playing this year’s games to care?

Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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