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Atari is bringing Pong back in a rather unconventional way…

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When Atari isn’t in the process of developing a string of hotels themed after their games from yesteryear that is no doubt capitalising on the nostalgia of the 80s which is ever so hot these days, they’re hard at work trying to reinvent some of their most memorable IPs. Like Pong! You all remember Pong, right? You all love Pong!

Yeah, of course you do! Also, I have some good news for you: Pong is back and this time there’s loot!

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Atari is currently developing a new version of Pong updated for the sensibilities of a modern gaming audience which is just executive speak for “It’s Pong but an RPG”. The paddles have become humanised, there’s lore around why they’re bouncing balls at each other and there’s even a whole load of cosmetics with which to dress up your hero. Pong Quest looks like it’s paying homage to most of Atari’s catalogue of 2600 games while also doubling up as a fun little reimagining of the classic bounce-em-up. The trailer shows off modes based on Centipede, Breakout and PC Gamer even alleges they saw Adventure in there somewhere.


50 different types of balls granting 50 different abilities, online and local multiplayer and maybe even some kind of storyline might actually make for something halfway enjoyable. I mean, it’s super dumb but it’s also the kind of dumb that could be really fun, I guess. There’s no solid release date yet for Pong Quest but we know it’s slated for Winter in Australia so do with that what you will.

Last Updated: April 1, 2020

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