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Atari predicts the Xbox will win the next gen race

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With the next generation just around the corner it’s time for everyone and their dog to predict a winner in the upcoming battle. Most people have already taken Nintendo out of the race leaving it as a two horse race to flag.

Sony got out of the blocks first and in a big way, impressing virtually everyone with their plans but Microsoft will hit back soon.

However Atari Founder, Nolan Bushnell, believes Microsoft is going to take this generation easily and for one simple reason. It makes better software.

“I personally believe Microsoft is in a superior position, and the reason is Sony, whenever they change consoles, the software tools that they have are lame,”

“A lot of times in the past they were in Japanese; not well documented and getting the software development community up to speed…they may have been able to do it in Japan, but the American software community just says ‘Oh boy, what a pain.’ And a lot of people don’t realize how strong the software community is at making the hardware platform sing and dance.”

Personally I think he’s wrong, well not wrong just late. I think the Xbox won in America in this generation because it had better development tools and Sony has learned from that mistake.

With the rumours of the Xbox requiring an always on internet connection I personally see the next generation going to Sony.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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