Attack on Titan is getting localised for 3DS

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What’s the biggest anime breakout of recent memory? Easily Attack On Titan, a show all about slaying giants while using technological zip-line gear that would make Spider-Man jealous. The original manga set all of that action up…before devolving into a political drama that has just dragged on and on as of late. Hopefully, the game will manage to recapture the spirit of slaying a rapid-healing Titan with a face born out of nightmare fuel.

“Attack on Titan” has popped up on the Australian Classification Board, dropping the “Last Wings Of Mankind” prefix in the process according to Gematsu. Developed by Spike Chunsoft, it looks like a deal has been reached with that purveyor of localised Japanese games, Atlus.

Mind you, classification doesn’t confirm a release 100%, but it’s an expensive enough process that isn’t done for mere kicks. If a game is classified in ‘Stralia, then a European and North American release can’t be too far behind either. The Japanese game seems to have been a smash hit so far. Allowing players to step into the harness of either series regulars Eren, Misaka or Armin, players could take to the skies and face some mighty Titans.

Or be eaten, depending on your skill level.

Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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