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Australia joins the big boys with its first R18+ game

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Evisceration, now available in Australia

Y’know, as much fun as it is to take a quick jab at our neighbours over in Oz about anything, I’ve always felt bad for them and the nanny-state politics that have prevented them from enjoying some great games. But thanks to some new legislation and a classification board getting it’s act together, Australia is finally getting some more adult games.

And the first such game? Why one that has a link to one of the finest exports to ever escape from that country, the rock band Aey Dee Dee See Aey See See Dee AC/DC.

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Ninja Gaiden 3: The Razor’s Edge, which contains super-violence, blood and high definition carnage is the first such game to receive the newly minted R18+ age restriction from the classification board, according to VG24/7.

A Wii U exclusive, Razor’s Edge takes everything that was wrong with Ninja Gaiden 3 last year (Which is everything), and retools it to be more in line with the spirit of previous Ninja Gaiden games, instead of a soulless sell-out that attempts to cater to every market.

It’s a higher age rating than in other territories, but at the same time, it’ll help provide a more consistent base of ratings for all future games sold in Australia.

The new ratings system came into effect on the first day of 2013, and is legal throughout most of Australia, except for Queensland.

Still, it’s a massive sign of progress for the land down under. Aey Aey See Dee!

Last Updated: January 11, 2013

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