Australia links gambling to iPad games for kids

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Oh dear Australia

Why so many people want to move to Australia is beyond me, if you want to live in a nanny state with nice beaches and still have some slight freedom then you may as well move to Cape Town. In another stunning act of stupidity the state of South Australia decided it was a good idea to post the following adverts to try and get people to stop gambling.


Yes that’s a little girl using an iPad and the geniuses in the government of South Australia feel that this is the way people get addicted to gambling.

Unsurprisingly the gaming community in the region were in uproar about their hobby being turned into a negative once again and have petitioned to the government not only about the imagery used but also the slogan “Gambling starts with games”.

Now I’m not doubting their research, I’m sure a lot of people who play video games have also gambled in their life but you are once again running into the issue with causation and correlation and the researchers should really have put more effort into their job if they wanted to tackle the real issues at hand.

Doing our own in office survey it was found that 5 of us game quite extensively and there is only one of us who has a slight gambling problem that is being worked on, but can you guys and girls figure out which one it is?

Let us know in the comments below and also a question directly to the mountain dwelling people below, are you happy with how much of a nanny state Cape Town has become?

Last Updated: January 16, 2014

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