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Several CS:GO Pros banned for betting on their own matches

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Sports betting is a huge pass time for many and often the cause of hijinks and capers in movies where our beleaguered protagonists need to find an excessive amount of cash before having their knees broken. Fortunately I doubt such consequences will fall on the heads of seven CS:GO players involved in the Australian Mountain Dew League (Embrace the meme, Mountain Dew) but they’re certainly in trouble after it was discovered that they were betting on their own matches and have thus been suspended from the game for a whole year.

The Esports Integrity Commission was rather annoyed about all this, releasing a statement within which it said, “As a result of the joint investigation between ESIC and ESEA, ESIC has discovered that seven current CS:GO professionals playing in MDL [Mountain Dew League] Australia placed bets on MDL matches during their participation in the MDL.

Some of these individuals engaged in betting activity related to matches they were playing in themselves. Further to this, ESIC has identified that several associates of the Offending Parties also participated in betting activities related to the matches being played by the Offending Parties. In some instances, the associates placing bets mirrored identical bets to those placed by the Offending Parties.


What all the official language means is that some players were caught betting on their own games and even had friends (probably) betting on those same matches. Now there’s nothing wrong with betting on sports but maybe don’t do it if you’re involved in the match and may have a direct effect on who ends up winning. That just screams match-fixing and as a South African that’s one of my least favourite things to do.

The following players have been banned, and haven’t yet blamed the devil for making them do it:

  • Stephen “sjanastasi” Anastasi (LAKERS) [now playing as “stvn”]
  • Akram “akram” Smida (Rooster) [now playing as “ADK”]
  • Daryl “Mayker” May (Ground Zero)
  • Corey “netik” Browne (Rooster) [sometimes spelt “nettik”]
  • Damian “JD/The Real Goat” Simonovic (Rooster 2)
  • Carlos “Rackem” Jefferys (Rooster 2)
  • Joshua “jhd” Hough-devine (Rooster 2)

One of the teams involved, Rooster, released a statement and acknowledged that they knew about the betting but figured it was harmless as the players only bet on themselves to win and thus wouldn’t intentionally throw games to make some extra cash. Apparently the players also deeply regretted their actions because yeah, I’m fairly certain they would right about now. Just goes to show, kids. Gambling can be fun and a decent way to spend a Saturday evening but it’s also super dumb and risky, especially if the person rolling the dice hasn’t thought it through.

Winners know when to quit!

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Last Updated: October 27, 2020

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