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Australia proves it doesn’t know what an adult is

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The land of the oppressed and ripped off has done it again. Yes that shining light of nanny land has once again failed to grasp the idea that a mature and well reasoned adult can make their own decisions on what they would and wouldn’t like to see.

The upcoming South Park: Stick of Truth has passed through the Australian ratings board and has received the highly expected R+18 Adults only rating. Good news for everyone right? Well no, you see the game has only passed after being ‘modified’ by the developer.

This is the second game in a month that has received the top rating only after receiving some modification, with Ubisoft’s Codename getting the same treatment.

Unfortunately we don’t yet know what was cut from the South Park game but we do get an idea of what may have been cut by reading through the American ESRB rating thanks to PlayerAttack, emphasis mine.

This is a role-playing adventure game based on the animated South Park TV show. Players assume the role of a new kid in town who embarks on various quests with other boys in the neighborhood. Players can engage in turn-based combat, selecting attacks from a menu screen. Players use various weapons (swords, baseball bats, hammers), magic spells and melee attacks during fights; blood-splatter effects sometimes occur. Cutscenes occasionally depict “cartoony” characters dismembered or decapitated. The game includes several instances of mature humor and sexual material: one extended sequence depicts characters getting anally probed by alien creatures; another sequence (in an abortion clinic) depicts doctors using a vacuum to perform procedures on male characters; one level takes place inside the rectum/colon of a character (sex toys, random objects and fecal matter appear in the level)—all sequences are depicted in a cartoony and over-the-top manner. Characters are occasionally depicted nude (e.g., breasts, buttocks, male genitalia); one extended sequence depicts an out-of-focus couple having sex in the background; as players engage in turn-based battle in the foreground, sexual moaning sounds/dialogue is heard. During the course of the game, drug paraphernalia can be seen strewn around a methamphetamine lab. The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” “a*shole,” and “f*ggot” can be heard in the dialogue.

So if you’re Australian and reading this take a moment to curse at your ridiculous government and laws and then import it from Play-Asia or somewhere else like that.

Last Updated: December 18, 2013

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