Automotive savagery in the new trailer for Mad Max

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I’m still coming down from the incredible high George Miller’s latest Mad Max film put me on. The film showcased just how gorgeous a desolate wasteland could really be, and how much more exciting life is when you toss in a generous handful of wondrous explosions. That’s looking very much the same in the “not a movie tie-in” game, which seems like it has an equally interesting story to tell.

Mad Max certainly impressed me with its debut gameplay trailer, but this new story exposition (titled Savage Road, hint hint) really kicks things up a notch. You have a good look at some of the familiar foes you’ll be up against, a glimpse of what looks to be the game’s main villain and even a love interest for Max to get tangled up with – all narrated by the overly Australian hero himself.

The game is being developed by Just Cause veterans, Avalanche Studios, and will feature a heavy focus on vehicular over hand to hand combat. That’s pretty plain as day to see, and it seems like rebuilding your Magnum Opus is going to be a core narrative and gameplay vein throughout. There’s also going to be a Shadow of Mordor styled world – where Max is able to free camps and use them as small bases of operations.

Ultimately, it’s looking decidedly slick at the moment, and certain in-line with the themes and tones that have made the films cult classics. Mad Max doesn’t always tell the most complex stories, but rather builds a compelling narrative through intricate world-building. If the game pulls that off, it might just be a big-hitter in September.

Last Updated: May 26, 2015

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