Avatar Kinect turns your Xbox Avatar into an online chatting marionette

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Let’s face it: Microsoft is not going to let Kinect lose momentum. The sensor got released in November last year and has already sold over eight million units worldwide. Over the next couple of months we can expect a ton of applications and features that make use of the peripheral. One such online application is Avatar Kinect, which just got announced at Microsoft’s keynote during CES 2011.

Balding Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer introduced the application through his own Xbox 360 Avatar, which is also balding. The application allows Xbox 360 users to chat online with numerous friends in a virtual reality setting. The chat program will come with fifteen different sets, but that’s not the exciting part. The best bit is that Kinect will track facial expressions and hand gestures, which means your Avatar really does turn into an online puppet. Full video after the jump.


The Kinect application will be free to download but will require an Xbox Live Gold membership to make use of. No word on whether or not it will be available on local Xbox Live, but if it is then we can expect it around our autumn 2011.

Last Updated: January 6, 2011

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