Avatar Marketplace Hits the Web, Purchase Overpriced Virtual Rubbish From Your PC

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The latest Xbox update came with it the ability to spend real money on fake clothing and props for your Xbox mini-person. The premium items – such as branded apparel and game-centric items such as lightsabers, Big Daddy dolls and Halo armour are proving to be unnervingly popular, with masses of people doing exactly what Microsoft had anticipated; spending their left-over points on digital trinkets and baubles.

Microsoft has now made it even easier for you to give them money by launching a web-based avatar marketplace that can be accessed from the relative comfort of your PC. While it’s currently down for maintenance, you’d normally be able to access the Avatar marketplace by clicking here.

While this may seem like a rant, and indeed  my initial impressions of the service were met with chagrin and vitriol, my stance is rapidly softening. The reason is that the Avatar marketplace contains what may well be the very best, most profound and meaningful thing available on the Xbox 360, bar nothing. Forget Gears of War, this is why I own an Xbox 360.

Last Updated: August 14, 2009

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