Awesome first Quarter just from Megarom alone

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I was over at koldFU5iON’s new blog and I see that he has posted Megarom’s planned first quarter releases. Or at least the main releases….

If you are a FPS fan then the first 3 months of 2008 are going to be as good as the last three from 2007

  • Haze
  • Guitar Hero III (All Platforms incl. PC!)
  • FarCry 2
  • Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
  • Tom Clancy’s End War
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • I have to admit that I had no idea that Guitar Hero III was a PC title as well.

    End War has been on my must have list for quite a while now and I am shocked to see that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is going to be hitting our shelves in March this year….

    //For those that don’t know koldFU5iON works for Megarom and runs the matchmaking Xbox site

    koldFU5iON’s World

    Last Updated: January 2, 2008

    Gavin Mannion

    I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

    • J4NR1K

      Why is Bully not on the list? Is it not a January release? Or does the ‘other’ company bring that one in?

    • Megarom Doesn’t hold the entire license for Rockstar we only do some of the distribution i.e. XBOX360, so I think only Sterkinekor can tell you that.

    • Milesh Bhana ZA

      Bully is published by take2. Afaik Ster Kinekor is the SA distributor for take 2, so it shouldn’t appear on Megarom’s list.

    • doobiwan

      Awesome kold,

      Are those confirmed confirmed or just confirmed? 😉

      I was under the impression Splinter Cell and Endwar were Q2+ releases.

    • lol er… they’re coming out … next year… Q1 it’s confirmed when I give you launch dates 😛

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