Awesome… I mean Serious Screens from Serious Sam HD

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Now I’ve been following the development of the re-make of one of my favorite FPS titles ever pretty close over the last few months and I have to say after viewing the add Nick posted a few days ago, I am beyond stoked.

The game just looks amazing and I can’t wait to bust some serious caps whilst hearing awesome one-liners like “Serious Sam I am!”. Anyway scroll over to check out some insane screenshots from the HD iteration of the popular title. For the cap-conscious I’ve posted smaller images but click on the image to check out the larger ones.

200908311252.jpg 200908311253.jpg 200908311253.jpg

Dusk hath ne’er seemed so romantic as when you’re kicking some serious butt.

200908311253.jpg 200908311253.jpg

So many to kill – yay!

200908311253.jpg 200908311254.jpg

Gattling carnage – will be even more impressive with all the enemy units and in hD

200908311255.jpg 200908311255.jpg

“I like the pretty lights” – quoted from ‘sick asian chic’ in The Crow


Source: gameplanets.blogspot

Last Updated: August 31, 2009

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