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Koldfusion from has put together quite an awesome competition.

If you never managed to get your pre-order in for the Halo 3 legendary edition then this is your chance. Just SMS the word Halo3 + your gamertag to 35357 to stand in line to win a limited edition Halo 3 legendary box set, complete with mini helmet 😉

SMS’s cost R3.00 and you can enter as often as you like, honestly I don’t think he will mind if you enter a million times…

While we are talking about The Xbox Lounge I have to say that it has been a great help in organising games for the Call of Duty 4 beta that has been going on, instead of being stuck with a bunch of Ozzies or Americans I have been able to have some fantastic local games.

Anyway if you haven’t already joined head on over to and register and join our Halo 3 Launch Day Tribute game.

Last Updated: September 18, 2007

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