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Awww Yeah! There are more “Souls” games coming

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FROM Software’s loosely connected “souls” games – namely Demon’s souls and Dark Souls – are some of the most difficult and frustrating, but ultimately rewarding games in existence. Those who’ve played them long enough to overcome their steep learning curves have been duly rewarded, and left the experience feeling like champions.

Rejoice, masochistic gamers, because there are more coming.

“Of course, it’s not over yet,” R&D head Masanori Takeuchi said to Gametrailers. “You have to go back to our roots, which is King’s Field (the pre-cursor to Demon’s souls). We’ve made many games in that series. We’ve always been enamoured by dark fantasy action RPGs. That’s just been our core DNA and I think we’ll continue to utilize that.”

“We’ve always been about making games for the core gamer, and they weren’t necessarily games that did well financially, which is too bad,” executive producer Eiichi Nakajima added.

“The success of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, which have each sold over a million [copies] per title worldwide, has made us shift our thinking internally to not just core gamers, but to globalize our products, that they can be successful on a worldwide scale. That’s now one of the key pillars we consider when we develop games in the future.”

There’s even talk of making games of its ilk for non-traditional gaming platforms like smartphones and tablets – but if it happens it won’t be the watered down experiences you’re used to on such platforms.

“We know what butters our bread, obviously it’s consumer games. That’s where we see some of our key strengths,” Takeuchi reassured.“That being said, as developers, we like to do new things and new challenges will help us mature and grow as a developer. Smart phones and tablets are an interesting challenge for us. If we do go down that path, it’s not going to be what you see on the market today, [which are] more watered down, less ‘core’ experiences. We like to make games for core gamers, so if we take that approach, it’s going to be a core experience on a tablet, something that gamers are going to love.”

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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