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Baja: 4 player Offroad Splitscreen Action

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Baja is an offroad racer that is coming out for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and looks to be competing with the upcoming MotorStorm 2.

This video shows off the game’s ability to have up to four players playing on the same screen, which I see as a very worthy addition to the games features. Online play is always great but there are always times when you want to sit in the same room with a couple of friends and play something that is simple enough for anyone to pick up and enjoy. It’s great to see that some companies are still implementing it into their games.

Although the game is looking like a lot of fun, Baja is going to have a hard time going up against MotorStorm 2 as it already has quite a large fanbase and is already looking fantastic in it’s early stages of development.

Where Baja will really shine will be on the Xbox 360 as it will be released on both platforms but will have to compete with MotorStorm 2 on the PS3 as MotorStorm 2 is a PS3 exclusive and owners of the Microsoft console have a very small choice of decent offroad racers to choose from.

Last Updated: August 7, 2008

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