Barak Obama namedrops the Xbox – Microsoft Celebrate

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Last Thursday Barak Obama was giving a roasting to several thousand Black, Coloured, Previously disadvantaged, African Americans about how to raise their children and that growing up poor is no excuse for bad grades.

Mind you this speech was being presented at the Hilton in New York and I have a sneaking suspicion no one present was the least bit short on cash… anyway before I forget there is a point to this posting.

Barak Obama specifically namedropped the Xbox which made everyone at Microsoft happy as it was being used in a generic way.

He mentions

“putting away the Xbox and putting our kids to bed at a reasonable hour”

Your brand has reached new heights when it is being used to describe a genre and no longer a specific product. Think of Hoover for vacuum cleaner, seletape for sticky tape and Prestik for.. what the hell is that stuff actually called?

Microsoft in turn has released a press statement claiming that the Xbox 360 is the only family gaming console with a parental control feature that will turn the Xbox off after a set amount of time. Something I feel is really under utilised and a feature that Microsoft should be lauded for.

Source: NYTimes and Kotaku

Last Updated: July 20, 2009

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