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Batgirl goes classic in this trailer for A Matter of Family

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Batgirl DLC harks back to a classic age

Let’s face it: Barbra Gordon isn’t exactly treated well in Arkham Knight. In fact, the entire Arkham series kicks off after her terrible ordeal with the Joker, who forced her to hang up her cowl and confined to a wheelchair. Becoming the badass technological sidekick Oracle kept her in the game, but it was a far cry from her intellectually stimulated criminal kicking days as Batgirl. Something A Matter of family seems to be fixing.

The upcoming Arkham Knight DLC takes place well before the events of Arkham Asylum, with an able-bodied Barbara taking on Joker and Harley Quinn in a bid to rescue her father. Robin is also in for the ride, with the Dark Knight forced to the side-lines for the first time in the series. And, quite frankly, it looks all the better for it.

Aside from Batgirl’s more hacking-focused gameplay, it’s the same tried and tested Batman formula that you’ve come to love over the years. One thing that does standout though is the extremely classic feel all the characters have to them, especially Harley and Joker. Seeing the Clown Prince of Crime in a more circus themed attire really fits with the amusement park setting – and really goes well with that RPG he seems fondly attached to.

But nothing comes close to seeing Harley Quinn rocking her classic black and red Harlequin threads. Makes me wish she kept that look through the years actually.

A Matter of Family is out on the 14th of July for Season Pass holders, and a week later for anyone wanting to buy it separately. It’ll set you back $6.99, and will hopefully last longer than that dreadful Harley Quinn pre-order DLC.

Last Updated: July 9, 2015

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