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Batman: Arkham City Confirmed As "A Single-Player Experience"

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When the first images of Batman: Arkham City were released, rumours spread like wildfire as to the significance of the very sassy looking Catwoman seen alongside Batman in most of the shots.

While many believed that Arkham City was going to have multiplayer, specifically that of the co-operative sort, it has been confirmed that it’s definitely not the case.

In an interesting and lengthy interview with IGN, Rocksteady discusses Arkham City, the pressures of living up to the first title and as already stated, the state of multiplayer in the game. As stated in the interview by Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill:

There have been a number of rumors circulating about a multiplayer mode in Batman: Arkham City so let me start by saying, once and for all, that Batman: Arkham City is a “single-player only” experience.

He goes on to further explain the reasoning behind their decision:

Our thought process behind this was fairly simple: when we investigated adding multiplayer we asked, “If we use all of the energy that is required to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single player, would that deliver a better overall game?”

With the game now coming to the final stages, I can honestly say it would not have been possible to deliver Arkham City the way we wanted to if we’d have added multiplayer.

So it might not be the fashionable choice, it might not get us an extra tick on the box, but we are convinced, and we hope that gamers will agree when they get to play the finished game, that we have made the right decision.

My personal opinion is that Rocksteady are right on the money with their decision to keep the game a single player experience. I loved the first game, and I loved that it was a single player experience of exploration, storytelling and action. More of that and they really just can’t go wrong.

For more information on Batman: Arkham Asylum, you can catch the whole interview with IGN in the source link below.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: February 15, 2011

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