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Batman Arkham City to feature new game+ mode

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We’ve all heard how awesome Batman Arkham Asylum was, no doubt about that. It set a benchmark for games featuring mentally damaged orphans who fight crime while wearing their underwear on the outside, while also showering fans with plenty of fan service and riddles throughout the massive game world.

The one thing that Arkham Asylum didn’t do right though, was to keep the action going after the main credits rolled, much like other sandbox environment games. Sure, the option of challenge mode was there, but the island of Arkham Asylum was essentially a dead world after the main story was complete, something that the team at Rocksteady Studios plans to avoid for the sequel.

Speaking at PAX Prime this week Rocksteady Marketing Manager Dax Ginn explained how the action will continue after the main story in Arkham city is completed.

When you finish (Batman: Arkham City), you can then restart with all of the gadgets and all of the upgrades from the first playthrough, but you’re going to need them in the second playthrough because all of the enemy configurations have changed.

All of the assistance you get in combat with those blue lightning bolts coming up against guys who are about to hit you, they’re gone. So you have to read their animations coming in. That’s why we really wanted to drive home the deployability with Batman: Arkham City — taking those gadgets back into the streets, delivering justice a second time around. Really asking, ‘Are you the Dark Knight? Have you got what it takes?’

Looks like Rocksteady is pulling out all the stops for the sequel. As we’ve previously mentioned, the single-player mode alone will take over a dozen hours to complete on its own, while side-quests, Riddler challenges and tests of skill will take plenty of time to complete. A new game+ mode looks set to keep us occupied until another Batman game comes along, and I don’t think anyone is going to complain about that.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2011

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