Batman: Arkham Knight director teases a new gameplay mechanic and a returning old face

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Amidst all the Batmobiles and fancy gadgets, I think a lot of people have forgotten that Batman is more than just a collection of wonderful toys wrapped up in a broken and deranged individual with a massive trust fund. The Arkham games established three core styles of gameplay that would be present at any time as players busted heads as the caped crusader. Predator, detective and combat modes all combined to form one glorious trinity of ass-kicking in Arkham Asylum, City and Oranges. But the Batman will have a new trick or two up his sleeve in Arkham Knight.

That’s according to Batman: Arkham Knight director and Rocksteady Studios co-founder Sefton Hill, who tweeted out a few hints of new content that would be revealed soon:

Here’s what we do know so far about the game. When it comes to combat, terror plays a big part, as Batman happens to now be able to take down up to three enemies at a time with the new fear mechanic. If you’re able to stay out of sight of enemies, players can chain these instant knockouts, thereby clearing the field sooner.

Players can also use environmental objects to incapacitate a foe (HE AIN’T PRETTY NO MORE!), throw an enemy into his pals and use various new gadgets in the pursuit of justice and broken bones. What’s also been revealed, is that Batman will be able to navigate Gotham City outside of the Batmobile, with more precision and better cornering as he glides around.

So what’s the new gameplay mechanic being teased then? I think it’s quite obvious:


I freaking knew it!

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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