Batman: Arkham Knight has such wonderful Easter eggs

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Rocksteady’s Batman games are more than just perfect Batman simulators. They’re also filled with numerous nods to the history of the franchise, from across a wide variety of media.

Arkham Knight is no different, as it contains a treasure trove of Easter eggs to Batman lore. Here’s just some of the stuff uncovered so far.

The Ghost in Gray

BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150628125737

You’ll see plenty of posters dotted around Gotham City, but it’s this particular one which will strike the nostalgia parts of your brain, if you grew up on Batman cartoons. The Ghost in Gray is a clear nod to The Grey ghost, a character that popped up in the 1990s Batman animated series, a movie vigilante which inspired Bruce Wayne as a child.

The Gray Ghost was also voiced by the 1960s caped Crusader, Adam West. The episode itself is actually pretty damn good. Watch a snippet of it here if you have the chance.


BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150629110019

Wayne Industries isn’t the only business in Gotham. Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor also has divisions within the city, with LexCorp billboards placed everywhere. If you listen to your answering machine in Lucious Fox’s office in Wayne Industries, you can even hear a few calls from Luthor himself, wondering why Bruce Wayne has been avoiding him lately…

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey

Check out the computers in the base of the Clock Tower where Oracle operates from: you’ll see a logo pertaining to the other crime-fighting group that she manages, the Birds of Prey. Usually made up of the Black Canary, Huntress and a rotating cast of extras, they help police Gotham and the rest of the world from super-powered threats.

Queen Industries

And right there in Gotham, is a reference to another DC hero. Green Arrow may fight crime at night, but during the day he keeps a public profile in check as Oliver Queen, the current CEO of Queen Industries. Or that fella from the TV series that isn’t half-bad.

Martian Manhunter

Batman (1)

Over in the GCPD, you can see the usual names on the shift list. As well as one John Jones, the human alias of Justice League founding member, the Martian Manhunter

Kairi Tanaga

BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150629110248

Another Batman animated series reference! In the show, Kairi Tanaga was a potent martial artist who studied with Bruce Wayne under the guidance of their sensei, Yoru. This was during the time that Wayne travelled the world and acquired the skills necessary to become the Batman.

There was an unspoken attraction between the two, as well as a mutual respect. In fact, Wayne respected her so much, that he sent his successor Terry McGinnis to learn martial arts from her in the spin-off show Batman Beyond.


BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150627165117

On the Stagg industries airship, you’ll come across research notes for the Morphogenetic procedure. An experiment which eventually produced Metamorpho,  reluctant hero who would end up joining Batman and his Outsiders team in the future.


Batman (1)

Looks like another detective has set up shop in town. Better watch out for John Constantine however. He’s not the kind of guy you want watching your back.

Batman 1966

BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150628135934

If you ever watched the classic Batman live-action series that starred Adam West, then you’d remember his Bat-Cave. A Bat-Cave that was accessible by decapitating a bust of famed wordsmith William Shakespeare and activating a button in his neck cavity. And in Arkham Knight, the tradition continues!

Arkham Asylum: Hell on Earth

Batman (2)

If there’s one comic book that provided some key influences in the original Batman: Arkham Asylum game, it has to be Arkham Asylum: A Serious House. There’s plenty of graffitti on the walls of Gotham. And this masterpiece is a clear reference to that comic.


BATMAN™_ ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150628125339

Before he was a gigantic spa day mud pit, Basil Karlo was also one of the finest actors of his generation! A pity that he became something else in Arkham City.

The Dark Knight

Batman (3)

Looks like Christopher Nolan’s Batman is getting some attention, as PC players found the files to a Dark Knight batsuit inside the game.

There’s most likely a TON more references hidden within the game. If you listen to thugs, you can hear them rattle off locations from around the DC Universe, such as Keystone City and Santa Prisca. And I’m going to hunt every single reference down, when I play this game.

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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