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Batman: Arkham Knight interim PC patch detailed, still “weeks” away

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Batman Arkham Knight Pc patch still weeks away

Batman: Arkham Knight launched on June 23rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Only the former two were actually really playable at launch, with the PC version of the caped crusader’s final night of fun being a buggy, broken and sometimes unplayable romp. It’s stayed that way for weeks now, with Warner Bros. and Rocksteady alike promising hard work on a patch to fix the title.

It’s now near the end of August, and we’re just getting word on what to expect with the first, (note, first) interim patch for the Arkham Knight – which will only be ready in the next few weeks anyway (don’t you love waiting?).

This patch is at the very least set to fix some of the biggest issues with the PC port, which not only looked worse than the console versions at launch but ran even worse. The first interim patch is set to introduce some of the missing visual features, as well as optimisation tools, VRAM usage sliders and a lot more that really should’ve been there from the beginning.

  • Reduced frame rate hitches
  • Optimized system memory and VRAM usage
  • Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)
  • Min Spec AMD GPU is once again the Radeon HD 7870 2GB
  • More Robust In-Game Settings, including:
  • Added the ability to change settings for Max FPS to 30/60/90
  • Added toggles for Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, and Film Grain
  • Added a “High” Texture Resolution value
  • Added Texture Filtering option
  • Added an Adaptive V-Sync option (NVIDIA only)
  • Added VRAM Usage Meter
  • Added Mouse Sensitivity Slider & Mouse Smoothing Option
  • Fixed low resolution texture bugs
  • Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

That’s a rather healthy dose of fixes for just the first of a suspected many patches, which makes me assume that the following ones will be all about optimisation. There’s still no actual date set for this patch, but it’s lining up nicely to old rumours suggesting that the game would only really be fixed in September. Perhaps the Arkham Knight will actually be up for sale afterwards again too.

But I think it’s going to be a while until PC gamers forgot about the utter mess that Warner Bros. turned Arkham Knight into on their platform, and rightly so. I was personally burned by it, and it’s made me hesitant about another other ports on the way from the publisher. We can only hope that Mad Max doesn’t suffer the same fate in the next few weeks.

Last Updated: August 21, 2015

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