Batman Arkham Origins is looking to be an awesome game. But don’t forget about the handheld version that we’re also getting – Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate. It’s coming to 3DS and PSVita, and is being touted as a “companion game”. All I know is that these new pictures show how pretty it is!

These pics are from the Vita build, and show off the high end graphics that device is capable of. I’m still intrigued by this game – apparently it has a Metroid-esque approach in that you can choose the order in which you pick off the different villains. Depending on the order in which you kill them, you will get alternate endings and different items. Sounds like they’re banking on some high replay-ability. I’m curious to see how the story in Blackgate fits in with the ‘main’ story – will it supplement our understanding of Origins? Or are they just grasping for more of our money? Either way, they certainly know how to make some pretty screenshots! 

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Last Updated: October 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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