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Batman Arkham Origins: Deathstroke is playable, Kevin Conroy doesn't return

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Update: Conroy isn’t playing Batman in this game after all. More after the jump

Holy news round-up Batman! I’m cautiously optimistic about the latest Batman game, right now. Sure, I enjoyed the previous two games a little too much, but my gripe is that a third game isn’t even necessary right now. Still, more Batman never hurt anyone unless they were a criminal or a birthday clown in the wrong part of town. And with Arkham Origins on the way, it looks like we’re getting something old, something new.

First up: Villainy. Deathstroke, an anti-Batman with really bad depth perception is slated to appear in the upcoming prequel, but as more than just an antagonist. A pre-order bonus for anyone who wants the game badly enough says Polygon, Deathstroke will be a playable villain, much like Catwoman was in Arkham City. No idea yet as to whether this is US retailer specific or if we’ll see it this side, but then again, exclusive offers like this usually filter through to paid DLC eventually. Or game of the year editions.


Of course, chances are that this offer will only extend to the challenge portion of the game which is bound to be included, much like Nightwing was in that particular set of DLC for the first sequel. Still, I’m a fan of Deathstroke in comics. Capable of using 90% brain power, savage, intelligent and trained in several forms of military martial arts, he’s a great foil to the Dark Knight.

That, and he also kicked several asses when he took on the entire Justice League in one down and dirty street fight back in the comics.


As for that other bit of news, it looks like the voice of the Batman is indeed returning. Veteran voice actor Kevin Conroy will resume his signature role as Bruce Wayne/Batman, a job that he’s been doing in various media since he started doing so with the animated Batman series back in 1992.

Announcing at the Dallas Comic Con via CVG, Conroy himself confirmed this. And if you have an hour to spare, here’s the video in which he proudly does so, alongside a few other tidbits for Batfans.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out October 25, on all the platforms.

Update: Conroy isn’t voicing the Bat after all. It seems that Roger “Ezio Auditore” Craig Smith will handle that role, with Troy “Booker DeWitt” Baker as the Joker. 

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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