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I loved Arkham City, the last Batman game, which should be no surprise when you realise that I’m wearing a Batman thong right now that promotes comfort and manoeuvrability. Arkham Origins however, is going to have a wider playground with which to work out your parenting issues. A much, much wider arena filled with superstitious criminals and bounty hunters that after your cowl.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Warner Montreal Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre explained that Gotham City would feature a map split into two distinct parts. ‘”The Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins is more than double the size of Arkham City,” McIntyre said.

This includes two major regions: North Gotham and South Gotham and the bridge connecting them. There is a lot of space to explore. The length of the single player campaign will depend on each player’s play style but should meet the expectations of fans of the franchise.’

McIntyre also shed light on the boss battles for the game, which will require players to vary their playstyle in order to throw down with the likes of the Joker, Bane and Deathstroke:

The premise of the night of assassins offers many opportunities for memorable face-offs between Batman and the major villains that have descended on Gotham City on this one night. We definitely feel we have a great variety since each fight is tailored to the character involved.

Some are larger-than-life spectacles and others are more intimate and strange. All of them are designed to put the player’s core skills to the test. We think many of our boss fights will be some of the most intense and satisfying sequences in the game.

Arkham Origins looks like a solid entry so far, but whether it surpasses the Asylum and City entries of the franchise remains to be seen. Arkham Origins is out in October on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and PC on October 25. You’ll know that I’ve started playing when my bat-thong snaps off.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia’s M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

    Did you say GTAV?

  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    “comfort and manoeuvrability”


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      “when my bat-thong snaps off”

      Double O_O

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        Aye, that too

    • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

      Hope it’s not all that he will be wearing when playing :O

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Of course not, he wears a cape & mask too…

        • The Noble TiMsTeR

          That is sooooo wrong!

        • Unavengedavo (aka. Frik)

          Think I now need to order more brain bleach… 😐

          • DarkCloud

            Pass that shit.

        • That Dark Twit

          Oh GAWD!

  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    “that after your cowl”

    should be “that is after your cowl”

    • Hammersteyn

      Careful, Darryn might strangle you with his bat thong.

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        If it were bat-thong, I’d run away, but since you said bat thing, I’m not even remotely scared XD

        • Hammersteyn

          * fixed it

    • That Guy

      Sould be “that ARE after your cowl”
      Unless you are Ali G

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia


  • Jonah Cash

    Ooooo…. I also love the Batman games!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this and Watch Dogs….

  • Rock789

    Looking forward to this. From everything I’ve watched and read about it, it really looks good and seems to build on the success on the last 2 games (instead of just relying on it to sell the thing). Was worried, what with a new developer… But me thinks those fears are long gone. Looking forward to this very much! 🙂

  • Honoke

    ” …the bridge connecting them” Sooooo… that bridge is getting blown up, right?

  • Hamza

    Arkham Origins is completely dropping the ball.

    1 month till release and still no talk of secondary CAMPAIGN characters. In AC, we knew about catwoman in July.

    I’m losing more interest in this game by the day. And GTA5 is replacing it. And this is coming from a guy who hated GTA 4 with a passion.

    • Clint

      I feel the same way, though I don’t really have another game replacing my interest, either. Love this series, but so much of the information we have of Origins seems to be underwhelming in terms of what’s “new” that it’s really starting to seem more like a COD-like glorified expansion pack to Arkham City than a true standalone game. I have no doubt it’ll still be fun in most respects, but it’s disappointing that the new developers don’t appear to be taking any real chances in terms of furthering the gameplay of the series.
      I think you’re right in feeling that it’s a disappointment to not have any other characters to explore the city as; Catwoman’s seamless integration into AC was a really impressive feat, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t appear to be getting anything interesting like that again. This is, no doubt, a BATMAN game, but this is a character who is more often than not just as defined and distinguished by the characters around him as he is by himself. Even if it were only a New Game + option or even a sort of side campaign, it’d be nice to have somebody else available to use, especially since we’re clearly getting at least one other character to use in challenge rooms.
      I guess what’s really bugging me most about the game is that it seems like the new developers are missing out on a lot of really great opportunities. The chance to set the game in the whole of Gotham City rather than a sectioned-off area filled with inmates seems like it should provide a reason to populate the game with civilians and other friendly characters rather than having the streets filled with trash-talking bozos and thugs, but the developers chose the very uninspired explanation of it being a particularly snowy Christmas Eve to avoid having to include something like that. Similarly, the Batwing is now a usable vehicle, yet it only serves as a way of wresting control away from the player as a fast-travel option instead of actually being used for some sort of new gameplay. It just seems as though developers have chosen to expand the map size of the game without actually providing any compelling gameplay-related reasons to do so other than to simply make the game bigger. Arkham City wasn’t the biggest open world game by any means, but it was a massive increase in size over its predecessor, and despite that, it remained crammed with tons of details and gameplay-related reasons to visit almost every area. Nothing felt strictly superficial, whereas with Origins, I worry that that’s exactly what the vast majority of tall, looming skyscrapers will amount to. We’ll see how that turns out when the final game is released, of course, but setting the game in Gotham isn’t the only source of missed opportunities that comes to mind, either.
      The developers stressed shortly after the game was revealed that they weren’t interested in making Batman any less powerful compared to his abilities in Arkham City, and I understand that. However, it’s disappointing that the combat remains almost completely untouched as a result. Aside from a couple of new gadgets, nothing new has been added to the basic hand-to-hand combat. Even the “new” shock gloves function almost exactly like the boring and overpowered BAT mode from Arkham City: Armored Edition for the WiiU (a port incidentally made my the developer in charge of this game). Considering that most reviewers seemed to agree that that was a poorly conceived addition and one that the game is arguably better without, it surprises me that the developers chose to essentially redress it in a new name and keep it for this prequel. Why not find some more interesting way to expand Batman’s combat abilities while still keeping in line with that idea of a younger, less refined Caped Crusader?
      I still think that focusing more on use of the environment during hand-to-hand encounters would have been a great idea; it’s a constant focus during Predator gameplay in the series, and it doesn’t seem like it’d be especially hard to implement considering that both of the previous games included a few environment-related unique animations and abilities. Bringing back Batman’s throw move from Arkham Asylum would’ve been a great start. From there, rewarding the player with increased combo, damage, and XP bonuses for knocking or tossing enemies into walls, each other, or other hazards would add more strategy to how players position themselves and enemies within the combat space. Allowing Batman to pick up and use certain objects like enemies have in the previous games would be great as well; this would also give reason to expand the use of the Batclaw in combat, as the player could use it to snag throwable objects from afar.
      On that note, why not expand upon how already-known gadgets can be used as well? Remember that Hugo Strange trailer for Arkham City? As Batman is divebombing toward a TYGER guard, he fires the Batclaw into another before reaching them to set him up for an easy knockout. Using a slow-down method similar to how the player could re-fire the Line Launcher in AC seems like a good way of implementing it. And how about allowing the player to spray explosive gel on a Batarang before throwing it? Or implementing the new Remote Claw gadget in such a way that it can be used with quickfire controls during hand-to-hand combat?
      By all means, with all of the huge additions that Arkham City made after Asylum, I didn’t come away feeling like the developers hadn’t pulled out all the stops. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement still, and it certainly didn’t mean that I felt like there were no more interesting opportunities to be explored. That’s what’s so disappointing about Origins to me based on what we’ve seen thus far. It’s nowhere near the massive leap forward that City was, but to a greater extent, the developers don’t seem to have taken advantage of many of the opportunities presented to them. A great deal of work has clearly been done in terms of story, setting, and character design, and I’m excited about those aspects, but the game surrounding it all doesn’t appear to be anywhere near as exciting.

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