Batman trapped

Not just anyone can be Batman. I learnt this the hard way when I got my ass handed to me by a gang of girl scouts (who I think were evil, despite the fact that I have a tupperware belt in Rex Kwon) Do. Fortunately, I can kick all kinds of ass in the Batman games. But hell, even that is going to be more difficult now.

Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Guillaume Voghel detailed the new difficulty mode which will be known as “I am the night”. And don’t expect this mode to take it easy on players:

The main narrative arc and side missions last about 12 hours, and then you have all the collectibles. To get 100% of that will take much, much longer.

We have a new difficulty level, New Game Plus is coming pack – that’s really difficult – and when you’re done with that there’s I Am The Night mode – which is no saves and one life.

Arkham Origins is out on October 25. To prepare, I’ve been smoking a pack of twenties every day. I’m Batman. I’m Baaaaatmaaaaaan. ERM BEEEEERTMEEEEERRNNNN!

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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