Batman Arkham Origins voice actor describes his ‘surreal’ experience

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When you think of Batman, most of the time you’ll probably have Kevin Conroy’s voice in your head. He’s the voice actor who has done pretty much the most audio work with the character through TV, film and games. For Arkham Origins though, the caped crusader is voiced by Roger Craig Smith, which was a surreal experience according to the vocalist behind Ezio Auditore.

"This is a great, tremendous opportunity, but this is scary," Smith said in an interview to Polygon. "It can be received and perceived many different ways.

And sometimes its a little fearful: you go in and do what you do behind a microphone, but a lot of people are responsible for creating these projects and the character and these games, so you don’t have a tremendous amount of control. You go into this going — I got this iconic role and I’m super fortunate to have this opportunity, but holy cow, I hope this goes well.

Part of the reason why this particular Batman game has a newer set of voice actors present, was because the game featured characters that were "younger versions of the characters seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, and the team cast each role as they felt was appropriate."


"It’s surreal," Smith said. "I’ve overused the word but it’s the truth. When I wake up in the morning, I see a dork looking back at me in the mirror.

And I’m Batman. I’d probably get arrested if people heard me trying to talk like Batman. It’s so much fun to be that close — to be in video games is a trick at any level, but then to be this iconic superhero character is just bizarre. If you told 13 year old me that I’d be doing, this I would be just laughing.

I’ve always dug the work that Smith has done in gaming. His performance in Assassin’s Creed was brilliant, and I like the fact that he does sound like a young, angry vigilante who gets closure over the death of his parents by punching several shades of brown out of criminals.

I’m still waiting to hear back from developer Warner Bros Montreal though. I auditioned for the main role a while ago, but they told they’d let me know if they needed a voice actor for Batgirl in the next game.

Last Updated: September 18, 2013

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