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Batman: Arkham Underworld and more announced for mobile

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Mobile baby! If just about every person in the world is locked into a two-year contract with a new phone that is made obsolete with something shinier and better they second they walk out of the door of a cell phone shop, then clearly there’s a market there that needs to be tapped and prodded with annoying reminder jingles at two in the AM. Warner Bros Interactive naturally has that idea in mind. And alongside a newly announced Mortal Kombat X game for mobile devices, they’re bring Batman and friends along for the ride with a dearth of new games on the go.

First up, Batman: Arkham Underworld. For once, players will be ditching the cape as they instead try to cement their grip on the Gotham criminal underworld. Build a hideout, recruit henchmen, train them to be useful sacrificial meat shields against a raving lunatic in a Bat costume who happens to have far too much money and unresolved parental abandonment issues as you attempt to be the next big crime boss in Gotham. There’s a beta for the game that will be unleashed soon, with sign-ups available here.

Lego Batman will also be arriving on mobile devices, as the third Lego Batman game is ported over. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham was a massive game when it was released, so I’m actually curious to see how this one handles on a mobile device. There’ll also be a Game Of Thrones game of thrones which Warner Bros describes as “an epic combat strategy game based on the hit television series from HBO. Prove the wit of your spies and the might of your forces on the battlefield as you extend your dominance across the seven Kingdoms. Join an alliance, rise to power, and then try to take the Iron Throne if you dare”.

Maybe later. Lastly, Warner Bros will also unleash DC Comics Legends, which will have players collecting various heroes and villains and then battling with them using RPG mechanics. It sounds sort of like Pokémon, and if it isn’t, then I’m going to be disappointed. Add the Mortal Kombat X game to this list, and Warner Bros is clearly investing heavy in the mobile side of gaming. With WWE Immortals and The LEGO Movie game actually having superb first-week launches on mobile, Warner Bros Interactive may be onto something here.

Last Updated: March 4, 2015

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