Batman: Arkhum Asylum Is Available – Download Size Is Massive

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We posted up earlier this week that the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo would be available come Friday.

Well Friday has arrived but I have some bad news for a lot of you. I went onto to go and see if the game is already up on their site and to also check the size of the download.

As much as I would have liked to give the demo a good go I am faced with the fact that I found out that the demo weighs in at a rather massive 2GB’s.

Can you say “ouchies”?

This is quite disappointing because I really feel that I need to try this game before I buy it and that much of a download is just too rough for most of us.

You can check out more info and/or schedule the download by checking the page here.

Please note that the demo is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 but is only available to Gold Members for the latter.

Last Updated: August 7, 2009

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Nick De Bruyne

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  • Flamebaitboy

    I’ll let you know how it is when my download finally finishes.

  • The PS3 Version is 1.46gb, but thankfully PS3 users can use local bandwidth to download.

  • Ruslan

    Was just about to write the same thing. :biggrin:

    Cannot wait to try it when I get home!

  • incap

    Im still at work started my dl this morning was just too tempting

  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Same thing I was gonna say. Well, gotta grab that, then, on the PS3.

  • Flamebaitboy

    11 hours further and my demo is still not finished on a 4MB line.

  • Snoop

    How much does unlimited bandwidth ADSL cost in South Africa ?

  • Between 1000 and 1500 Dirhams, for low speed uncapped.

  • nazcanlines

    i thought adsl in this country doesnt discriminate between local and international usage, until such time as you are capped and then can only surf locally. how would you discriminate in order to avoid using international cap, so that you can download batman on ps3?

  • It wont work with accounts that merely have local bandwidth available after you are capped (well, not until you are capped), you will need to buy yourself a local only account from someone like webafrica, then you can either just swop to the local account when you want to download something and then swop back when you are done.

    There is a program that can connect both accounts and route the bandwidth according to if you are using local or international, I think it is called Route Sentry. Not sure if its still around.

  • nazcanlines


  • NP 😉

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