Battlefield 1943 Still Suffering From Server Load Issues

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While Battlefield 1943 has been enjoying a great response (85/100 on Metacritic at present), it makes no difference as to how good the game is if you cannot actually play it.

Issues are still plaguing the game as has been happening since it’s release on Wednesday due to there being too few servers too handle the amount of players trying to play the game. Issues currently range from not being able to find a server at all as well as disconnections and a couple of lag issues.

Getting into a game by yourself seems to be a fair amount of trouble at the moment, but once you are in you will almost forget that their were any problems to begin with.

But their are problems, and the saddest part is that due to the issues, it is basically impossible to jump into a game with a squad made up of your buddies, which is one of the best aspects of the game.

DICE have made announcement saying that they are constantly adding servers and will continue to do so until the issues are resolved, but honestly, how do you screw something like this up this badly?

EA are starting to make a name for themselves when it comes to opening week online issues in their games, and unfortunately Battlefield 1943 can be added to their list of game launches that failed miserably due to online issues.

Hopefully all of the issues will be resolved by the time we all get home and are ready to waste the weekend away on gaming goodness. So hold thumbs and hope that everything is sorted so that we can all jump back into the fray.

[Ed] Normally when duplicate posts are sent in I just choose the better one and the loser then has to do more work… sucks to be them.. anyway this time I thought  I would actually leave them both up as this problem is hugely annoying and worth double the coverge.

Last Updated: July 10, 2009

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