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Battlefield 3 Balance Issues, PS3 Input Lag Getting Further Tweaking, Patching

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Boy oh boy, it’s been a great year for quality gaming hasn’t it? Well, OK to be fair a lot of quality games have come out this year but it seems to me like the pressures of delivering big games by a certain date is definitely starting to take its toll, just ask Skyrim.

Battlefield 3 has already been patched on PS3 and PC, with the Xbox 360 patch around the corner but it already looks like further tweaks and patching is required already.

MP1st, speaking with Battlefield 3’s Senior Gameplay Designer Alex Kertz gave some information on what is going to be changing again soon, as the patches have fixed some things but broken a few others.

Here’s what’s happening.

The IRNV scope, which was believed to be too strong (which I can understand) has been nerfed but it seems like the nerfs that make it better on some levels are making it almost completely useless on other levels. Kertz had the following to say in the Reddit comments of all places, saying:

“The IRNV has a lot of trouble down in the tunnels due to all the smoke from burning stuff.” However, he also mentioned that with “that said, I think this area might be over nerfed, and it’s hard to get a setting that works everywhere effectively. The bright background of the tunnel makes the system not work so great. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s not a free hack anymore. The changes are by no means set in stone, it’s a living game.”

The Anti-Air is also still an issue, with DICE needing to play around a bit with the balancing to ensure a consistent experience. There were complaints of the AA being overly effective on infantry now, but as it turns out it was not-intentional and actually occurred as a by-product of jets being more effective against infantry (so we have to assume their weapons are essentially the same thing, even in the code).

Shotguns will also be seeing a bit of a nerf, but hopefully not too much considering us poor third-worlders with half a second of lag really benefit from anything that can do a one hit kill.

Full list of patch notes can be found here.

Also, PC players beware (not confirmed on consoles yet), the patch releasing today will be 2GB as it contains tons of assets for the upcoming expansion.

Last Updated: December 6, 2011

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