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Battlefield 3 Beta costs $53 Million Dollars on Xbox 360

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The Battlefield 3 Beta is available right now to PS3 and PC owners. It should be available to Xbox 360 gamers as well, but with the calendar only having recently ticked over to being September 29th in the US, a little glitch has it costing far too much for the average gamer to afford.

While it should be free, the Beta is currently available to high rollers for the exceptionally ludicrous price of 4294967295 Microsoft points, as noticed by the guys over at the Battlefield 3 Forums That’s a shade over 53 million US dollars in real money. Programming geeks will tell you that it’s the highest value a 32 bit integer can give you, but I prefer to believe that somebody at Microsoft is hoping to get themselves a new yacht.

This isn’t entirely unusual for Xbox Live. When content goes up that shouldn’t be there, it frequently costs beyond what normal people can afford. For those of you eager to download the beta, don’t order a million 4200 MS point cards just yet; it should be available later today – at the far more reasonable price of absolutely nothing.

Last Updated: September 29, 2011

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